Yearly Archives: 2016

Custom Home Building Process

You have saved your money and it is finally time to get started building the home you have always wanted… so what’s next!? Generally, when people are looking to build there are a few logical preliminary points to address first like purchasing property, settling on a style of home and getting the floor plan figured out. While all these tasks are easy enough to list out they are intricate parts of the puzzle and need to work well and sometimes with other stages of the home construction process.

Quality Vs. “The Cheapest” 3

We all know the old cliche “You get what you pay for…”, but for some reason this line of thought does not hold true when most people go to make one of life’s more expensive financial decisions like build a home or remodel. More times than not people look at multiple contractors – SMART! Check the companies reviews – SMART! End up going with the cheapest estimate they get – WHAT HAPPENED!?

What to Look for in a Builder 4

Here at Reliable Building Services this is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. We know that we may be a little bias as to what is the right way verses the not so right way to get construction projects started, but there are things to look for and watch out for.