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We all know the old cliche “You get what you pay for…”, but for some reason this line of thought does not hold true when most people go to make one of life’s more expensive financial decisions like build a home or remodel.

  • More times than not people look at multiple contractors – SMART!
  • Check the companies reviews – SMART!
  • End up going with the cheapest estimate they get – WHAT HAPPENED!?
Confusing - What Happened!?

So why is there the disconnect. We get it, money is money and savings is an important variable and should be considered. However, in construction there are several things that can turn a little savings into a big blunder and it can happen fast.

Don't mistake savings for value.

There are the obvious things to look for licenses, experience, etc. and these are usually thought of and easy enough to determine.

The big disconnect is in how the project is handled. Unfortunately most contractors are about as clear as mud as to what your final cost will be and what exactly they are charging for. This is not how it should be done. If the contractor does not show you all the details that is a dead give away as to the type of work that you can expect.

On the other hand, people want to work with a professional company, but do not want to pay for it. If you want to pay the Jethro “Special Price” then expect the service and quality that comes with it. That is right, professionals expect to be paid like they are professionals.

The best mix that a customer can hope for is to find a professional construction company that will give them an itemized estimate and will stick to the budget.

Reliable Building Services is that perfect mix! See how, check out the Reliable Difference and then see for yourself Contact Us. We can’t wait to hear from you!!

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3 thoughts on “Quality Vs. “The Cheapest”

  • RMAU

    Are you looking for quality building services from a reliable team that you can trust? Do you need a new home, renovation work, an extension or any type of construction work? Do you want a professional team with the expertise and experience to get the job done fast?

    • RBadmin Post author

      No we are not looking for these services, we supply these services to all of our projects and every customer. We are professional and Reliable. Contact us today for Quality Work from a Reliable Crew!