Protecting and enhancing one of your most prized investments – your home or business – is Reliable Building Services’ commitment when you contact us to evaluate your rooftop. Whether your concern is the age of your roof or that the shingles are pitted, curling, missing or visibly damaged, Reliable is an experienced reputable roofing contractor that is prompt, professional and friendly. We are an established local company that will give you an honest evaluation so that you can make a confident decision that is right for your property.

Please contact Reliable Building Services, Inc. to assist you in selecting the best roofing products for your roof repair or replacement and providing a free estimate for its installation.

Roofing – Shingles & Ribbed Metal & Synthetic… Oh My!!

There are a lot of roofing options to choose from and picking the wrong one can make all the difference in how your home looks and how well it keeps the elements out and your heating and cooling in. Not to mention the variety of colors and available features. Let us assist you in selecting the right roof for your home. Not only will we get the right roof that will off the best value for you and your home, but we will also give you key insights when it comes to the aesthetics of your home!

Roofing Projects

Classic Home Roofing

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1,800 sq. ft Roofing

1,800 square feet of 29 gauge ribbed metal roofing

We used synthetic felt underlayment and rust resistant screws for installation. We replaced all the vent pipe flashings and drip edge metal for the gutters. This customer had (2) existing skylights that required custom flashing and trims. The customer was pleased with quality and pricing which led to more improvements to the exterior of his recently purchased home.